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It has been said that "entertainment has to be greater than life, or lesser than life, but not life as we live it, because we already know how boring life is as we live it."

We are making Run Grammie Run greater than life so that the Buds out there can dream of singing "Lightning To My Thunder", so the Marias out there can dream of poking their Renatos in the chest and giving 'em whatfor - and their Renatos would change.  So the Jacks out there could have their Carolines wake up and smell the roses, and the Wallaces out there be seen for more than their wheelchair.  So families will pull together, not fall apart.  So Grammies and their families will believe enough to keep on trying despite a social culture of parking retired butts on benches.

Here is a paraphrased quote that pretty much explains why I'm not packing the car and driving to Hollywood to make RGR:

"...the average Hollywood movie would last less than ten minutes, including seven minutes worth of credits, [if the movie showed] responsible, real world [action, because responsibility] would remove the contrived suspense that Hollywood thrives on. Thousands [sic] of highly-paid actors, writers and directors would soon be out of business. Depicting [responsible preparedness and reaction] (and the equally taboo self-reliance) would be professional suicide for a profession that makes a living depicting stupid people doing stupid things."   © 2002 Flashbunny.org
Can you imagine going from meat-call to meat-call auditioning for parts depicting stupid people doing stupid things so they get into stupid situations so stupid action can be shown on the screen, and then you finding that there's a plethora of competition lined up ahead of you who apparently can be stupider than you?  If you can't imagine, might I suggest reading the story Bud sent us?  (Note, the LA Times keeps hiding this article, so we keep repairing the link).
Have you been paying attention to TV commercials lately?  Not tune them out, actually sit down and analyze them for story line and character profiles?  I'd rather hit myself over the head with a 2x4 than watch those affronts to intelligence.  Of course, that would be Hollywood-stupid.  Instead, I point to commercials as the reason I don't have a TV in my house.  Look at the growing number of commercials that depict their own consumers as being stupid, and how stupidity qualifies them to be consumers.
Is there any wonder that Hollywood is rife with depression, drugs, murder and suicide?
They only know how to live their own scripts.
And, boy, are most of those scripts stupid.
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Updated 2004 Dec 18